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How do you podcast?

To start with, using a cheap USB microphone that plugs into your laptop with simple recording software combined with some media hosting will get you up and running. There are many resources online that will help you develop your production skills. However, in the end, many people are not comfortable with listening to their voice.

That is where we come in. You provide the content, so it is your message, we bring the sparkle.

We’ve been editing podcasts and audiobooks since 2015. It is a very specialised skill set to bring out the best in someone’s voice that will keep the listener on board.

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Podcasting, easier than you think…

As business leaders, we are always looking for ways to engage deeper with customers. Technology, and in particular smart devices, has opened up a wide range of possibilities to spread our message. B2C, social media can play a vital part of your business while B2B traditional email can be useful but is waning in its effectiveness.

Podcasting straddles both market segments and is booming in popularity, whether it be in the form of entertainment or informational content. Either way, your customers are listening to podcasts regularly, and you should not miss this opportunity to participate.



What We Can Do For You

Take the pain out of having to do everything yourself by outsourcing at an affordable cost.

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wl Boomerang

WHM provides us with prompt Podcast Editing & Hosting at an extremely affordable rate which is so important for a charity.


Without Paul and his guidance my company growth would be extremely slow and he has helped me maximise my opportunities.


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